Call for Volunteers

Festival volunteers are needed! See below for information and get involved. You can help just by spreading the word!
Proceeds from the 2017 Ferndale Blues Festival benefit Ferndale Youth Assistance.

Ways to get involved

Promote the event
Deliver promo items (programs and/or posters) to venues, local businesses, your work, gym, and/or other gathering locations.
• Promote the event on your facebook page, twitter, blog or other social/online outlets
Prepare volunteer items at the MAC office
• Count, bag and label items
• Distribute supply items to volunteers that work events

Work the events
Help take a cover charge at some venues
• Attend concerts, make announcements when band if finished or ask the band, (they don’t mind) to making the announcement for you. We will give you a script for talking points.
• Approach patrons at the venue, smile and ask them if they would like to make a donation to Ferndale Youth Assistance that helps at risk kids in our school district with counseling, tutoring and camps & to MAC Health, a program of Matrix Human Services offers HIV prevention through education.

Give patrons that donate blue beads so we don’t keep bothering those that have already given.
• Venue Blue Pigs are already at the venue. WITH your OFFICIAL 2017 Volunteer badge, ask the bartender for the pig to work the crowd and return it to the back bar for safety when finished. NEVER take the pig out of the venue.

Sell items
You can sign out flashing items the crowd seems to enjoy. After the festival you will return the cash and unsold items to the MAC office. Most items are sold at the venue you work or to friends, neighbors and co-workers.
More Information

Contact Alyssa Atkinson - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - (248)259-0058 for information.





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